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Pointe Dressing Table/Desk

w. 66.5"  d. 35"  h. 29.5"

I wanted to create a very feminine and tactile dressing table/desk. The Pointe Dressing Table/Desk (named after the position in ballet) has an unusual leg arrangement giving a defined front and back, and creating a clear working space unrestricted by the legs. It has a soft curved edge detail, and gently tapering legs.

Made from solid oak.

Available in natural or mocha stained oak (mocha version shown).
Finished in a clear lacquer.

Materials and Finishes
Solid oak with a clear lacquer finish. This version is mocha stained before clear lacquering.

Care and Maintenance
To clean use a soft damp cloth and mild washing up liquid. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scourers, as these could damage the finish. Dry with a soft dry cloth.

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