Passion Magazine - Spike Table

GAS (General and Specific) is an umbrella company promoting the work of three designers. 'The way GAS products functon is special,' says Steuart Padwick of his work within the tria (other members are Adrian Reed and Tim [Bim] Burton). 'The Spike Table is a new concept in tables. You simply stick what looks like a large lollipop in the ground and flick the top to form a table. It's great at the beach or in the garden,' (does this man actually live in London, I wonder?) 'The forms in my work are visually complex [should say simple!!],' says Padwick. 'I am much more an innovator than a stylist. I am very good at solving problems, or coming up with differenct ways of doing things and this shows in my work. Things must do their job well.'

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